Why Choose us

Fresno Injury Law® A Professional Corporation is A Law Office of Rick Horowitz. Rick has long been known as one of Fresno’s premier criminal defense lawyers. With his proven track record as a fighter, you know the battle for your recovery is in good hands.

Real Lawyer, Real Results

Rick has demonstrated capabilities in hundreds of cases involving people whose lives were on the line. It is generally known within the personal injury industry that insurance companies understand: a criminal defense lawyer is not afraid to take your personal injury case to trial. After all, criminal defense lawyers take cases to trial where people’s very freedom is at stake.

Caring, Compassionate

As a graduate of Gerry Spence’s famed Trial Lawyers College (appropriately abbreviated “TLC”) in Wyoming, Rick has the psychodramatic and other tools to help him quickly learn your story. Dana Cole, writing in “Psychodrama and the Training of Lawyers: Finding the Story,” says that “The trial of a case is telling the jury the client’s story. We can only tell what we know…. If the lawyer has only a limited understanding of the events, a limited story will be revealed.” Over the last three years, Rick has spent several weeks at “The Ranch”—called that because it is located on a ranch about 20 minutes drive from Dubois, Wyoming. There Rick learned skills through which “the lawyer is able to experience the event. The lawyer can reverse roles with the witness and experience the event from the vantage point of the witness. The lawyer will have access to the emotional content involved in the story that is not otherwise fully available. The lawyer will have a deeper under- standing of the truth involved – an understanding grounded in empathy.” Building on his naturally earnest caring and compassion, the development of these skills has helped Rick to become a better listener, able to reach more deeply into the emotional core of his clients, and their stories.

Integrity, Respect

Two of the other great values—in addition to dedication to the fight, caring, and compassion—on which Fresno Injury Law® is based are Integrity, and Respect. Rick’s reputation for integrity means that he won’t mislead you, or anyone else for that matter, about your case. Your case will be fought hard, and honestly, on the merits. This increases your chances of a successful outcome because your real injuries are best compensated when the truth of your case is laid bare. Rick’s reputation for honesty and integrity is why opposing counsel, and judges, trust what he says.