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text Us for Your Best Recovery Options

As of today, I set things up so you can now text us for your best recovery options, or call us! Both use our same business number. Meta doesn’t like our business name. It too precisely says what our company is about. So they won’t list us. My hope is that by continuing to make it easy for you to reach us, we will establish ourselves as the leader in Fresno for helping you when you’ve been hurt.

Why DoESn’t meta Like us?

I’m not sure what the real problem with them is, but, as I said, I suspect they don’t like the company name. It would not surprise me if it’s because, to them, having a name that too precisely identifies our business means that — if Meta played fair — our business would perhaps do “too well.” At least in their minds.

But, in any event, this is a real business, and we’re helping real clients.

Looking for top-quality representation?

Text us! You can do that now! Or call! You can do that, too!

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